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July 9, 2013
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SF: A girl and her swagfish by miacchi SF: A girl and her swagfish by miacchi
My application for :iconspirit-fish: finally done! For those whom I kept waiting, I'm not gomen :iconheplz:


Name: Emma Hall
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4/163 cm
Spirit Fish: Velvet Wag Swordtail aka Xiphophorus Helleri aka swagfish
Spirit Fish reference:…
Length: 3 in/7.62 cm

+ nice guys
+ men
+ the romance genre
+ chick flicks
+ the cliche
+ writing
+ relationships (between other people)
+ hair accessories
+ physical contact
+ trying different hairstyles
+ sweets
+ housework
+ fairy tales
+ Disney

- a lot about her appearance
- being called emotional
- lectures
- figures of authority
- jerks

+ Waifu type. :iconheplz:
+ Family-oriented.
+ Outgoing.
+ Emma easily trusts people, but it's also easy for her to take it back.
+ Affectionate. Stranger or friend, she will give hugs.
+ Organized.
- Hopeless romantic. It's easy for her to be attracted to a guy. As long as he's nice, her heart will go doki. 100% of the time, it works every time lmao. They make her blush easy. Guaranteed. :icondojimathumbsupplz:
- In boring situations, Emma's mind tends to drift off into a daydream.
- Gullible.
- Emotional. If she's hurt, she's fucking shattered. It'll take a while for her to recover.

History: (will add more lmao)

Emma was originally born in New Zealand, but moved to Sydney for more opportunities. While she does love her greenery, she prefers the hustle and bustle in the city. The more people, the better.

Akaroa, her home, is a beautiful place in New Zealand surrounded by water. Since childhood, she dreamed of walking the shores of her homeland with her soulmate. She has read fairy tales over and over, always hearing about the princess who gets swept off her feet by prince charming.

Being 8 years younger than her older brother, she was always under his watchful eyes when their parents aren't around to mind them. It was nice to have a cool older brother.

But of course, those days were over in a flash when she graduated high school. Her parents gave her the freedom of choosing what she was going to do from then on. Her parents were a little reluctant to let their little girl leave, but they saw she was determined and wished their daughter all the best for the future.

And so she left not long after she received her acceptance letter from overseas with her family not being able to stop themselves from worrying a bit about their youngest.

Additional info:
- Emma is a part of the Spirit Fish Research team.
- She takes a Psychology major.
- Emma studies said major because enjoys analyzing the relationships between people.
- Despite her wanting romance, she doesn't actually do anything about it. She still believes in that stereotype where the guy will be the one to court her pffffft.
- Emma is one of those people that go see the new Disney princess movies on the first day they're released in the cinemas. Then she buys the DVDs when they're released.
- She wants to get married by the time she gets to 25.
- Emma wants to bear at least 2 or 3 kids.
- Her birthday is on the 14th of April. She's an Aries.
- Emma always takes her journal around.
- Things written in her journal: well, it's like her observation diary. It contains relevant information to research.
- Because she has a bad sense of direction, so she carries a map in her diary.
- Emma has a part time job at a fancy restaurant by the harbor~
- Her parents owned a little seafood restaurant back at home, by the waters.
- Her family: her father is a fisherman and her mother is the chef. Her brother, who is around 8 years older than her, is doing the math for their parents' business.
- Because it's much colder in New Zealand, Emma is used to low temperatures. Most of the time, she doesn't even need her coat.
- Surprisingly, she really likes playing cards. She's even got a poker set at home waiting to play.
- When she thinks something regretful might happen, she turns to alcohol so that she can try to forget what happens after. It almost never works.
- Emma loves buying (or making) hair accessories. She has a lot, so she likes wearing different ones everyday to make sure she uses all of them.
- She also prefers wearing dresses and skirts.
- When she's got food, she likes to share them with people. After all, a meal tastes better around more people!

About Emma's swagfish; a guide to the swagfish which may or may not be called Diana (legit, bro, this is all about natural behavior):
- It's a female.
- Swagfish tends to hang around males, but also hangs around the occasional females for company.
- Swagfish is pretty chill (the breed itself has a peaceful temperament).
- Swagfish gets lonely when by itself, being a schooling fish. If alone for a long period of time, le swagfish flips out and panics, swiftly swimming around to look for any source of contact. It drains Emma's energy, that's why she prefers staying in places with a lot of people, so that her spirit fish will stay close as it socializes.
- It is extremely rare for le swagfish to avoid or be hostile towards anyone. This fish is not an aggressive species.


I hope I can RP with all you mofos. I like to lurk on the SF chatrooms everyday. I do group chats on there and prefer one-on-one RP on Skype. Add me~ //winkwonk
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CherryMantis Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oh man thank you so muchhhhh /////////// also thanks for the fave! I'm so glad you like her!!!!111

I hope we can RP sometime!
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I'm miacchi. With the dot on skype.
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