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May 31, 2013
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MnG: Sakuragi Minori by miacchi MnG: Sakuragi Minori by miacchi
My application for :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

I do hope he's fine (sweats)

JFC HE LOOKS TERRIBLE *cries horribly*

I'm still sweating blood from drawing this bastard up orz

Bad quality traditional by yours truly. THIS TAN IS NOT THE TAN I ENVISIONED EHUEHUE

ALSO, I'm most probably gonna re-upload this once my laptop is up and running.

Name: Sakuragi Minori (桜木 里)
Age: 17
Height 176 cm/5'9
Weight: 163 lbs/78 kg
Year: Sophomore
Level: Intermediate

+ freshly made food
+ baked goods (e.g. bread, pastries)
+ praises and compliments
+ sailing
+ boats
+ the outdoors
+ camping
+ swimming, obviously
+ other water sports
+ winning
+ people in general
+ comics
+ TV and movies
+ games

- being treated like a girl, being called a girl or being mistaken for a girl because of his name
- rejection
- failure
- losing
- studying
- being sick
- having the need to apply sunscreen
- curfews and alarms
- being told to do something unreasonable
- most things associated with performing arts

+ Friendly as fuck. Even though the two of you just met, he would treat you like he's known you since birth. You WILL receive a nickname (or perhaps even more than one). Because he treats everyone as a close friend, he trusts people easily. He will have a lot of patience and tolerance. Minori will open up to anyone almost in a snap and will be willing to listen to you. One downside to this is that he may be gullible at times.
+ Generous. He likes to share his food and is more than happy to lend people things, so long as you talk to him.
+ Adventurous. He loves trying out something new. It's unlikely he would decline being invited to do something that "sounds cool".
+ Easily excited.
+ Success-driven. If he accomplishes something, his mood and motivation skyrockets. However, after experiencing a failure, it takes him a while to get over.
+ Straightforward. He hates having to beat around the bush, and he might be a bit impatient when people don't get straight to the point. If he's not being blunt about it, he's probably hiding something.
- Boastful. He loves to brag about his own accomplishments. It's like he expects you to say something to boost his ego.
- Tactless. He isn't exactly the type to think before saying or doing something. He acts before giving it a thought.
- Childish. He's used to being treated like a child, so he acts like a child. Depending on how you see him, he may appear bratty. He often finds the smallest things amusing or funny. Like toilet humor.
- According to Minori himself, he's book dumb.
- Minori also tends to be a little untidy sometimes. Maybe he forgets to zip his fly up or talk while he's eating.

Minori's parents wanted to have a daughter, and these hopes were raised higher when the doctor announced they were going to have a baby girl. Unfortunately, the doctor was wrong and out came their newborn son. Completely unprepared for this situation, they gave him the name they have pre-picked for their soon-to-be-daughter, giving him the name "Minori".

Because of this ideally perfect daughter his parents have dreamed of, they have enrolled him in various "special" classes ever since he turned 7. This included singing classes, dancing classes, how to play an instrument and many more. One of these was also a ballet class. He called everyone a sissy and all the girls started throwing their ballet flats at him. At the end of the day, he went home in nothing but a pink tutu and leotards. Ever since that incident, he's been refusing his parents' "suggestions" to take special classes.

Minori's parents often had him stay over at his (mother's side) grandparents' house. He is closest with his them, who continue to spoil him to this very day. He doesn't mind being treated like a 5 year old even until now, since being pampered just felt so good. His grandfather loved his boat and often took the young Minori out to sail, and it was because of him that Minori has come to love the water. Because he loved the water, he wished to learn how to swim.

His wish was, of course, granted by the time he turned six. He hadn't participated in competitive swimming until his middle school swim meet in the 7th grade. He won first place.

The first thing he did after getting that award was to run home with the medal swinging around his neck. He had to show somebody his newest, most prized possession. It was then when his parents finally realized that their son was someone they should be proud of. From then on, his life at home became so much better and easier.

After that first victory, he practiced and practiced, hoping he would become better at swimming. Entering a second local competition, he was devastated at the results. He wasn't even close to being a runner-up. He refused to swim for almost four months. Minori thought he disappointed his parents, and most especially, himself. He thought he could do better.

His friends and family eventually got him back on track with their encouraging words and support, and it was thanks to them that Minori went back to swimming. He up thanked his friends until his throat dried up from thirst. He was determined, believing that he can succeed so long as someone's got his back.

It was only near the end of his freshman year that he heard of Mizu no Gakuen. He came across the school when he looked at the sports section of the newspaper. He was surprised a high school swim team was featured in a national newspaper for being famous for their incredible efforts and results. Of course, he was curious and looked it up. Mizu no Gakuen was a special high school that focuses on swimming, and it had one of the best (if not the best) swim team in all of Japan. He feels a bit sad that he has to leave his family and friends, but he decides to apply there since he figured he would be better off in a school with a swimming club.

Additional Info:
- His favorite color is orange.
- If Minori wasn't in the swimming club, he'd be in track and field or soccer.
- The first thing he would buy after earning his first pay (or after winning a shit ton of money) would be a boat to call his own. He's still thinking of a good boat name.
- Minori plans to enlist in the Navy after graduation.
- Don't ask him to sing or play an instrument, because he's horribly tone deaf and his singing voice sounds like Gyarados. If he plays an instrument, he makes it sound like sharp nails scratching a chalkboard.
- And on that topic, don't ask him to draw either. The product will be stick people and the occasional crappily drawn vulgar images.
- His type: Short haired tomboy-type girls. Bonus points if wearing sailor-style school uniform. His anime crush and ideal person would be Aida Riko from Kuroko no Basket. She really hits the right spots.
- Minori's strongest physical aspect: his legs.
- He's an only child; his parents decided not to have another baby and gave up their dream to have a daughter.
- There are many reasons as to why he hates being mistaken or referred to as a girl. Firstly, how his parents wished he was a girl. Second, the many things he was made to do.
- He's got an inferiority complex as a result of his parents' neglect in his early childhood, believing that his parents didn't want him.
- Minori craves attention (due to being spoilt by his grandparents) and praise. It's not impossible for him to fish for compliments like a 15 year old girl.
- The kanji for his name is 桜木 里. Sakuragi (桜木) with the characters meaning "cherry tree" or "cherry blossom tree", and Minori (里) with the character meaning "truth".
- His birthday is on the 20th of August. His star sign is Leo.
- Minori doesn't get angry often, and it's not easy for that to happen. It only happens when: someone insults him, forces him to do something unreasonable or when he messes up and is frustrated at himself. When he's pissed, he'll most probably retaliate verbally and later worries that the other party might hate him. Once in a blue moon does he ever resort to physical violence, which is when someone really crosses the line.
- He has a really shallow sense of humor.
- Minori comes from an average working class family, but his (mother's side) grandparents are above average in terms of wealth.
- He's from Osaka.

Profile is subject to updates.

Forgive my randomfax. I got carried away OTL

Gonna do a 30 Day Character Development meme if he gets accepted. :>
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